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Tutoring with ThemeReads

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Program Description

Tutoring with ThemeReads is an intervention program for struggling readers that provides tutoring to small groups of middle school students working in pairs with assistance from a tutor and an adaptive computer software program. The process is is also disseminated on paper as QuickReads. The tutoring focuses on repeated reading, letters and sounds, and comprehension. Note that the evidence supports the small group tutoring with groups of one to four students, provided four days a week for 30 minutes a day over periods of around 20 weeks.

Program Outcomes

The intervention model used in ThemeReads was evaluated in QuickReads in three studies, and all three found positive effects on measures such as the GORT and Woodcock (effect size = +0.21). These outcomes qualify ThemeReads for the ESSA “Strong” category, and for a “Solid Outcomes” rating (effects of at least +0.20 in two or more studies)

Staffing Requirements

Adoption requires tutors able to provide the program.

Professional Development/Training

In the research studies the tutors received one half day of training, with modeling and practice, and regular coaching as needed. The Intervention kit includes a professional development DVD.


Computer and broadband are required.