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Social-Emotional grades studied


The 4Rs (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution)


Program Description

The 4Rs (for Reading, Writing, Respect, and Resolution) is a program intended to improve social emotional learning as well as literacy for students in grades K-5. It uses high-quality literature to help students gain skills such as handling anger, listening, assertiveness, and cooperation, among others. The 4Rs provides teachers with a literacy-based curriculum of 21-35 lessons based on social-emotional issues. Teachers follow lessons with units on skills highlighted in the readings. Teachers receive 25 hours of training plus extensive coaching.

Program Outcomes

Jones, Brown, & Aber (2011), as part of an IES-funded study conducted by the Social and Character Development Research Consortium (2010), carried out an evaluation of 4Rs in 18 New York City elementary schools. Schools were matched and then randomly assigned to 4Rs or control conditions. The 184 students in these schools averaged 46% Hispanic, 41% African American, and 4% non-Hispanic White. Positive effects were found on reduction of anxiety/depression (ES=+0.23), qualifying the 4Rs program for an ESSA “Promising” rating for Emotional Well-Being.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staffing required

Professional Development/Training

25 hours of training, plus an average of 38 days per school of coaching


No technology required