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Take the Lead


Program Description

Take the Lead is a bullying prevention program for middle schools. It provides a 16 lesson curriculum, which focuses on teaching social emotional skills, such as communication, social skills, assertiveness, interpersonal relations, and managing emotions.

Program Outcomes

Take the Lead was evaluated in one mostly White suburban Connecticut middle school. 32 classrooms with 336 students were randomly assigned to Take the Lead or to a control condition. The experimental group received the intervention in the fall semester, and the control group received it in the spring, after the study was over. Students filled out a brief questionnaire at pre- and posttest, indicating their experience being a bully, or being victimized by a bully. Students indicated how often they experienced these events. Compared to the control group, students in Take the Lead reported substantially less bullying (ES=+0.51) and substantially better pro-social behavior (ES=+0.88). Based on these outcomes, Take the Lead was rated ESSA “Strong” on both outcomes.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staff required

Professional Development/Training

A minimum of 6 hours of training by Take the Lead Trainers


None required