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Symphony Math

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Program Description

Symphony Math is a technology intervention program designed to help K-8 students develop a deep understanding of critical mathematical concepts. It is intended to be used as a complement to classroom learning and provides the opportunity for individual practice at the developmental level of each student. A student does not move on to the next concept in the Symphony Math sequence until she has mastered the current concept. The amount of time and practice that students need to understand mathematical concepts is not uniform. Symphony Math allows students to spend the time they need in order to master foundational concepts. In addition, the program quickly moves students through the conceptual progression of the program to identify their area of need. Once the area of need has been identified, the program slows the progress until the necessary understanding has been achieved. In addition to adjusting the pace of progress, Symphony Math also alerts educators of the need for intervention when students show signs of struggle. For every skill covered in the program, offline Guided Practice materials are available. Educators can use these materials to structure small group or 1:1 work sessions with students. As students use Symphony Math, teachers are able to monitor their progress and provide interventions when necessary using data dashboards and recommended offline materials.

Program Outcomes

One study evaluated Symphony Math with students in grades 1-4 across 7 schools in a rural Kentucky district. Students using Symphony Math as their sole technology intervention were compared to students using the standard district math curriculum, which combined different online and offline resources. Results on the STAR® Math assessment showed Symphony Math students made greater gains in math achievement and, on average, outperformed their peers in the district who did not use the program (effect size = +0.30). These results qualified Symphony Math for the ESSA “Promising” category.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staffing required.

Professional Development/Training

Training and support from a Symphony Math representative includes on-site visits, telephone and email support, as well as in-person training for teachers focused on data analysis and use of the program’s offline materials.


Web browser (HTML5) or iPad app