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ST Math (Spatial Temporal Math)

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Program Description

ST Math is a supplemental online approach that provides students with a year-long curriculum of games featuring visual interactive animated puzzles. ST Math progress requires 60-90 minutes of usage each week.

Program Outcomes

A large study in high-poverty schools, mostly Hispanic, in Orange County, California found small effects of ST Math. Compared to control schools that did not provide supplemental time for math, the effect size was +0.08. This was not statistically significant at the school level but was significant at the student level, which qualifies ST Math for the ESSA “Promising” category.

Staffing Requirements

The program is designed for use by existing general ed teachers, or math specialists. The program is designed to be used during regular school instructional time-no additional staff time is required.

Professional Development/Training

MIND Research Institute provides initial professional development to participating teachers. Self-guided online training covers technical aspects of the program, including startup, teacher and student navigation, and reporting. Subsequent to these technical aspects and startup additional professional development and courses cover the research basis and pedagogical aspects of the ST Math visual/conceptual approach, content instructional strategies, and student support best practices.

In order to receive the level of professional development and support provided to ST Math teachers in the successful research on the program, schools should provide on-site first-year training of 4-5 hours and receive building-level ongoing support for each year of implementation. These services are included in the student and building pricing from MIND.


Technology requirements are any modern device and O/S from desktops to Chromebooks to tablets (except smartphone screen size is too small for interactivity).