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Reading grades studied

6 – 8

Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM-R)

Essa Rating
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Average Effect Size

Program Description

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model-Reading (SEM-R) is an instructional model in which all students are exposed to a variety of books, spend time independently reading self-selected books, and meet with their teachers for a few minutes every week or two to discuss reading strategies and respond to higher-order questions. The program is implemented 40-45 minutes daily or 3 hours per week in regular English language art classes.

Program Outcomes

In one study, significant positive effects were found on GMRT and ORF, compared to controls, with an effect size of +0.10. This outcome qualifies SEM-R for the ESSA “Strong” category.

Staffing Requirements

Additional resource support is desirable, but not required.

Professional Development/Training

Individuals can attend a one-week conference and institute. On-site training is also available. Initial training of 1-2 days is recommended.


None required