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Reading Plus

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Program Description

Reading Plus is a web-based literacy program for grades 3-12+. It includes a valid and reliable assessment and is designed to strengthen reading comprehension, vocabulary, efficiency, and motivation. The program combines personalized practice and adaptive instruction, and offers students choice and control over their program experience. Reading Plus is designed to develop critical reading skills needed for deep, meaningful understanding of complex texts.

Program Outcomes

Reading Plus was evaluated in a randomized study that involved six elementary schools in an urban district in the northeastern United States. The study found that students who engaged in Reading Plus showed significantly greater improvements in reading proficiency than did control students who received other types of targeted reading instruction. Specifically, Reading Plus students made significantly larger improvements in reading achievement (effect size = +0.11), as measured by the Group Reading Assessment Diagnostic Evaluation (GRADE). These results qualify Reading Plus for the ESSA “Strong” category.

Staffing Requirements

Classroom teachers, reading teachers, literacy specialists, and well-prepared paraprofessionals are qualified to supervise the use of Reading Plus.

Professional Development/Training

A comprehensive system of training and support is available for educators and administrators who use Reading Plus. Customized support packages are available to serve a variety of school or district needs. A resource website is also available for on-demand video and webinar training, written resources, and additional online and offline teaching tools. Reading Plus support is available via live chat, email, and phone to assist with additional questions educators may have. In the study, all classroom teachers who supervised Reading Plus students completed two hours of instructor-led training and utilized the resources listed above as needed.


Reading Plus can be accessed anytime and anywhere on desktop computers, laptops, or tablets with a high-speed Internet connection. More detailed requirements are available here.