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Readable English

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Program Description

Readable English utilizes adaptive technology, including a conversion tool that aids in reading grade-level curriculum, and scripted lessons that initially focus on phonics and phonemic skills, later incorporates word-level decoding and encoding, and ultimately combines fluency skills with reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary building.

Program Outcomes

Readable English was evaluated in one qualifying study, involving four schools, seventeen teachers, and 344 MTSS/RTI Tiers-2 and -3 and Special Education students in grades 6-8 from three neighboring rural districts in Indiana. Eligible students from one of the districts were randomly assigned to either the Readable English treatment condition or the typical practice condition, whereas students from the other districts were randomly selected for treatment and control from schools that either used Readable English or did not. Students in the intervention group used Readable English as a whole class and in small groups during the regular ELA instruction block. Students in the intervention group showed significant improvements in reading fluency and comprehension compared to the control group. Specifically, on measures of EasyCBM, Readable English students significantly outperformed control students on Passage Comprehension (effect size = +0.17) and Passage Reading Fluency Rate and Accuracy (effect size = +0.41 and +0.08 respectively). While the prospective matching design coupled with significantly positive results would qualify for a Moderate rating, the sample size is just shy of the 350-student requirement and therefore Readable English received an ESSA Promising rating.

Staffing Requirements

Small group reading instructor/teacher

Professional Development/Training

Two days of training prior to implementation, in addition to weekly meetings with an assigned Readable English reading coach hired by the district.


Computer or tablet for student use, Smart Board for small group/whole class use.