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Program Description

National Geographic Reach is a comprehensive, content-based core ESL program for students in grades K-5. It is designed to provide active learning opportunities, scaffolded instruction, and flexibility to meet instructional priorities with the goal of moving ELLs to language proficiency and reading independence. In its successful evaluation, Reach was used as a whole-class approach with third grade students.

Program Outcomes

One cluster randomized study evaluated Reach in 31 third-grade classrooms across 7 schools. In comparison to a control group receiving typical ESL instruction, students in classrooms using Reach scored higher on GMRT-4 Total Reading. The effect size was +0.40 for the Comprehension subtest. Results were not significant at the school level but were at the student level, qualifying Reach for the ESSA “Promising” category.

Professional Development/Training

Customized to district’s needs.