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Number Rockets

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Program Description

Number Rockets is a scripted tutoring approach used in first grades as a Tier 2 intervention with students struggling in math. Tutors are retired teachers and substitute teachers, who work with 2-3 children at a time. The curriculum is intended to build students’ conceptual understanding by starting with concrete tasks and moving toward abstract tasks and procedures, including math facts. Sessions are 40 minutes a day over 17 weeks, for a total of 63 days, and supplement students’ ordinary math instruction. Tutors receive one day of training before beginning, and two two-hour booster sessions afterwards.

Program Outcomes

One qualifying study evaluated Number Rockets with students below the 38th percentile in math. Students in the control group did not receive any tutoring or organized remediation. On TEMA-3 tests, students in Number Rockets scored significantly higher than controls, with an effect size of +0.34. This qualifies the program for the ESSA “Strong” category.

An earlier study of Number Rockets also showed positive effects, but the tutors were the authors’ graduate students, so that study did not meet inclusion standards.

Professional Development/Training

Tutoring is provided through AIR. Visit the Fuchs Tutoring Training Request page to sign-up. You will need to indicate the type of training (e.,g., reading or math), the grade level requested, the number of people to be trained, and your location. You will be contacted by a trainer and can negotiate dates. More information about training can be found here.