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Larson Pre-Algebra

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Program Description

Larson Pre-Algebra is a supplemental on-line resource designed to accompany ordinary teaching.  Students use the on-line materials at least one period each week, but may use it more frequently. The software focuses on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, probability, and other skills up to Algebra. Teachers receive up to a day of training, followed by ongoing support if needed by telephone, e-mail, or other electronic means.

Program Outcomes

Larson Pre-Algebra was part of a large national evaluation of digital curricula, and was one of very few to find positive outcomes. In comparison to a control group, the effect size was +0.11. This qualifies Larson Pre-Algebra for the ESSA “Promising” category. Note that Larson Algebra, evaluated with (mostly) ninth graders, did not have positive effects (effect size = -0.01).

Staffing Requirements

Possibly manager of computer lab

Professional Development/Training

Up to 1 day in-service, plus advice as needed