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Program Description

IXL Math is a comprehensive personalized teaching and learning program supporting math instruction from PreK through Calculus. IXL Math’s curriculum includes thousands of adaptive skills aligned to state standards, popular textbooks, and assessments, as well as video tutorials, classroom engagement and motivation tools, games, and more. IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic identifies each student’s grade-level proficiency in key strands and builds an action plan with the appropriate next steps in their learning progression. Teachers and administrators can monitor and guide IXL implementation through IXL Analytics, which provides a variety of reports covering student learning and growth at the district, school, classroom, and individual student levels.

Program Outcomes

The impact of IXL Math was examined in a cluster randomized-control trial (RCT) in Grades 3-5 in four elementary schools in Holland, Michigan during the spring of 2023. The RCT design randomly assigned teachers (classes) within grades in individual schools to implement IXL Math (n=11) or continue with business as usual (n=10). 545 students (263 treatment, 282 control) – 41% White, 42% Hispanic, 67% economically disadvantaged, 16% special education, and 14% English learners – were included in the analysis. Results of quantitative analyses showed that IXL Math had a statistically significant positive impact on student mathematics achievement after one semester, with IXL Math students outgaining control students on the EOY Renaissance Star Math by 10 points (effect size = +0.13). In addition, subgroup analyses showed additional significant positive IXL Math impacts for Grade 3, Hispanic, special education, ELL, and low-income students. Additionally, students were tested on the M-STEP, and the IXL impact was positive but not statistically significant (effect size = +0.03). Overall, the significant results from the Star Math outcome earns IXL Math a Strong ESSA rating.

Staffing Requirements

IXL requires no installation, and it’s easy for schools and teachers to get started. IXL’s implementation team helps schools get up and running right away, and schools receive ongoing support from a dedicated IXL Account Manager who works with educators to understand their evolving needs and provides ongoing guidance about how to best support teachers and students.

Professional Development/Training

IXL’s Professional Learning Group (PLG) provides a wide variety of professional learning experiences and flexible delivery options to meet the needs of both large and small districts. Professional development offerings include virtual and on-site sessions, targeted coaching, guidance for administrators and more, all customized to help each school or district achieve their IXL implementation and student achievement goals.


IXL Math can be accessed on Windows, Mac OS, or Chrome OS (including Chromebooks), iPad & iPhone, Android tablets and phones, and Fire tablets. Learn more at