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Imagine Math Facts

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Program Description

Imagine Math Facts by Imagine Learning is a digital program that helps students gain fluency and automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a 3D game environment. The program can be implemented in class or as homework and provides students with a foundation for higher order thinking to build pre-algebra readiness.

Program Outcomes

The impact of Imagine Math Facts was explored in a retrospective study that took place with elementary students from schools in a southwestern school district during the 2022-2023 school year. The treatment group was comprised of 1st-5th grade students who logged any usage in the Imagine Math Facts program, while the control group included those who did not. Over 2,000 students using Imagine Math Facts were matched with non-users on baseline demographics and math proficiency using the Renaissance Star (Ren Star). There were two analytic samples: one early elementary (grades 1 and 2) and a second upper elementary (grades 3-5). Early elementary students using Imagine Math facts demonstrated significantly more growth on the Ren Star (effect size = + 0.11), earning a Promising rating for this grade band. Results were not statistically significant for the upper elementary students using Imagine Math Facts. Across grades, the overall effect size = +0.05.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staffing is required. The program is typically implemented by students’ mathematics teachers, mathematics specialists, or lab instructors; these educators are responsible for monitoring student engagement with individualized learning paths and tracking reports within the Imagine Math Facts program that provide data on student progress and growth.

Professional Development/Training

In addition to support from the Customer Success team, Imagine Learning offers various optional virtual or on-site professional development and training opportunities for administrators and educators. Sessions for administrators focus on how to lead with success, tailoring conversations to fit each school’s implementation model and goals. Sessions for educators include workshops on getting started with Imagine Math Facts and making use of Imagine Math Facts’ various features to help students achieve optimal learning outcomes.


The program requires networked computers or tablets, headsets, and access to the Imagine Math Facts instructional content. System requirements can be found at: