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Imagine Español

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Program Description

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Español is a personalized learning program designed to accelerate Spanish language and literacy development for students in grades K–5 by immersing students in engaging, culturally diverse, and relevant content that respects and reflects the Spanish language and the rich cultural heritage of its speakers. It can be used for a dual-language, transitional bilingual, or world languages program. The program provides adaptive and developmentally appropriate instruction that focuses on building students’ conceptual understanding of Spanish language domains.

Program Outcomes

The impact of Imagine Español was examined in a retrospective study during the 2020–2021 school year in a large Texas district.  The treatment group was comprised of students who logged any usage in the Imagine Español program during the school year, whereas the control group included all students who did not.

Overall, use of Imagine Español demonstrated a statistically significant impact on students’ Spanish language performance. Specifically, students who used Imagine Español scored higher on the Spring 2021 CIRCLE Progress Monitoring in Spanish assessment, than otherwise similar non-user students (effect size = +0.25), qualifying Imagine Español for a promising rating.

Staffing Requirements

No special qualification or certification is required to implement Imagine Español.

Professional Development/Training

In addition to support from the Customer Success team, Imagine Learning offers various optional virtual or on-site professional development and training opportunities for administrators and educators. Sessions for administrators focus on how to lead with success, tailoring conversations to fit each school’s implementation model and goals. Sessions for educators include workshops on getting started with Imagine Español, making use of Imagine Español’s various reports and other features, and how to provide targeted support for individual students.


To ensure a smooth experience with Imagine Español, network bandwidth and device hardware should meet minimum system requirements noted on the Imagine Learning website. Standard networked computers or tablets, with access to microphones (preferably a headset) are needed to get the most out of the instructional content of the program. Network configuration to permit the specified allowed URLs through any firewalls on designated ports is essential for an easy set up.  Depending on the device, downloading and installing the Imagine Learning Student App may be required, or access the Imagine Español program in a supported web browser.