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Program Description

i-Ready Personalized Instruction uses information from the i-Ready Diagnostic to generate an individualized program of online lessons in reading for grades K-8. i‑Ready mitigates the challenges of what’s next to meet each student’s unique needs—whether their performance is below-grade, on-grade, or above-grade. The program helps teachers efficiently provide targeted instruction to help each student reach their academic potential and monitors how students are progressing in reading over time. Decision-making at the student, group, class, school, and district levels is explicitly driven by comprehensive, actionable reports.

Program Outcomes

A quasi-experimental study of i-Ready Personalized Instruction was carried out with 5th Grade students in six Massachusetts school districts during the 2020–2021 school year. Students were assigned to the treatment group if they completed at least one i-Ready Personalized Instruction lesson during the first quarter of the school year or to the comparison group if they did not complete a lesson in that same time window. Further matching methods were used to create a sample that was more balanced on achievement and demographics. Over 2,000 students were included in the analysis and those who received i-Ready Personalized Instruction had significantly higher ELA MCAS scores compared to the comparison group (ES = +0.12), qualifying it for an ESSA “Moderate” rating. It should be noted that significant results were also found on the Mathematics MCAS scores. In addition, for students who met the usage recommendations (average of 30 minutes per week over a minimum of 18 weeks), results were even more robust.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staff are required to use i-Ready Personalized Instruction. Implementations do require points of contact to assist with the initial set-up of i-Ready Personalized Instruction and disseminate communications to other staff members. These points of contact will be guided by i-Ready Partners who offer assistance throughout the implementation period and beyond. Once set up, i-Ready’s easy, intuitive interface allows for schools to manage and maintain their own accounts.

Professional Development/Training

Curriculum Associates offers research-driven professional development for a variety of different user types. Training for new, practicing, and advanced users is available that best meets the needs of the implementation so all staff, and learners, thrive. On-site development days are six hours with the annual recommendation for number of sessions varying depending on implementation length. Curriculum Associates also offers an Online Educator Learning platform, which includes digital professional development courses that can be taken at any time. To learn more about professional development offerings, please visit


i-Ready Personalized Instruction is accessed through the digital platform: i-Ready Connect. This can be accessed on a variety of Windows, MacOS, and Chromebook™ machines with browsers that enable JavaScript®, cookies, and pop-ups. To learn more about the technical requirements, please visit i-Ready also supports single sign on (SSO) via SAML, WS-Federation for authentication and authorization, and third parties such as Clever, ClassLink, and Google.