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Galaxy Math

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Program Description

Galaxy Math is a one-to-one tutoring approach for at-risk first graders. Paraprofessionals tutor students in 30-minute sessions 3 times a week for 16 weeks. The program has a space theme; for example, students can earn “moon rocks” by completing work and staying on task. The program is scripted, and tutors are expected to follow the scripts without reading them or memorizing them. Tutors receive a 2-day initial workshop and then participate in weekly meetings with project coordinators to review the progress of each child. The content of the lessons focuses on understanding and proficiency with addition and subtraction.

Program Outcomes

A Nashville study evaluated Galaxy Math in comparison to a control group in which students did not receive any tutoring or formal remediation. Outcomes favored Galaxy Math on all four measures, but two measures were made by the researchers and did not qualify for this review. On qualifying measures, the effect size was +0.24, which qualifies Galaxy Math for the ESSA “Strong” category. Note that a program variation, strategic speeded practice vs. strategic non-speeded practice, found an advantage for strategic speeded practice vs. strategic non-speeded practice speeded practice. The program is disseminated only as the strategic speeded practice, where the relevant effect size is +0.57.

Staffing Requirements

Paraprofessionals or certified teachers

Professional Development/Training

Tutoring is provided through AIR. Visit the Fuchs Tutoring Training Request page to sign-up. You will need to indicate the type of training (e.,g., reading or math), the grade level requested, the number of people to be trained, and your location. You will be contacted by a trainer and can negotiate dates. More information about training can be found here.