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Every Classroom Every Day (ECED) — Math

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Program Description

Every Classroom, Every Day (ECED) is a program for literacy and math in high schools provided over two years. ECED Math is a system for teachers to deliver instruction and assess student progress targeted to local, state, and national standards.  Each day, students use “I Can” statements (e.g., “I can solve quadratic equations”) to address the topic for each day’s lesson. Teachers work in teams and with IRRE members to create and give five-question benchmark tests for each topic.  Students who do not pass benchmark assessments are given additional support.

Program Outcomes

One large, two-year study evaluated outcomes of ECED. Participating schools were located in Arizona, California, New York, and Tennessee. Compared to control schools, ECED schools made greater gains on state math tests (effect size =+0.14).  This qualified ECED for the ESSA “Strong” category.

Staffing Requirements

Current math staff and a designated on-site instructional coach or leader to monitor and support implementation. This position may look different depending on the size of the school.

Professional Development/Training

Both years include:

  • Three-day institute for teachers (Orientation, Creating Learning Targets, Pacing Guides, Unit Framework, Assessment blueprint an assessment plans, and creating a vertical alignment map)
  • Four 3-day site visits per year (Professional learning in large group, department and individual coaching to both continue the curricular work and build teachers repertoire of high yield instructional strategies)
  • Remote monitoring and feedback on curriculum documents and monthly phone check-ins

Second year of professional development allows for refinement of curriculum and builds the capacity to sustain the work, it is optional.


  • Technology hardware: Projector and computer for PowerPoint presentations, access to internet
  • Web-based, content specific instructional programs
  • Virtual file management system to sharing curricular materials, (google docs, Dropbox, etc.)