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Program Description

engage2learn (e2L) partners with public schools to provide competency-focused, evidence-based coaching and job-embedded support for educators and administrators. Customizing to each partner district’s specific needs and priorities, e2L utilizes professional learning to align educator growth with learner outcomes directly. This Education Intelligence provided through GroweLab, an all-in-one coaching and talent development platform, gives leaders actionable insights into effective initiatives in driving long-term change and improvements.

In the accepted studies, engage2learn (e2L) partnered with the district to provide coaching for teachers, instructional lead teachers, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and office staff. Teachers worked with their e2L Data-Informed Growth Coach to design a customized path toward mastery of core instructional Best Practices and district-selected standards. Teachers earned badges as they demonstrated evidence of practice. Coaching was facilitated through a technology platform that was used to document all interactions and track attendance, evidence of learning, and adult learning/growth data.

Program Outcomes

The impact of engage2learn (e2L) was explored in two matched studies, one retrospective and one matched in real-time. The first study took place with 169 6th through 8th grade teachers in 10 schools in a large urban school district in Texas during the 2021-2022 school year. The efficacy of the program was measured by student achievement on the NWEA MAP and STAAR assessments. Student outcome data was collected on over 2000 students from e2L teachers, non-e2L teachers in the same schools, and teachers in the comparison schools. Students of engage2learn teachers scored significantly higher on the NWEA MAP than students of non-e2L teachers in the same schools (effect size = +0.33), as well as in comparison schools (effect size = +0.19). Results on the STAAR assessment were conflicting, showing significantly positive results for students of e2L teachers in comparison to those of teachers in the separate control schools but significantly negative compared to students of non-e2L teachers within the same schools.

The second study, involving a second cohort of e2L teachers, used propensity score matching to create a well-matched control group for the 1,060 6th- 8th grade students in classes of e2L teachers. Comparing differences on end-of-the-year STAAR math outcomes showed students of teachers who received e2L coaching outperformed students in comparison schools with no e2L coaching (effect size = +0.13). These results qualify e2L for a moderate ESSA rating.

Staffing Requirements

engage2learn provides a variety of services, from full-scale staffing and technology to training-of-trainer programs based on the specific needs of each partner.

Professional Development/Training

engage2learn delivers coaching and professional development to educators who are seeking to have a positive impact on both instructional and non-instructional staff.


engage2learn uses an all-in-one coaching and talent development platform that integrates educator growth data with tangible student and staff outcomes using evidence-based approaches.