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Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution

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Program Description

Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution provides a first-year algebra course designed for students ranging in ability and grade levels. The curriculum combines traditional textbook and workbook materials with self-paced individualized instruction via automated tutoring software.

Program Outcomes

Three qualifying studies have evaluated the impacts of Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution (evaluated under the previous title Cognitive Tutor Algebra I), all involving high school students, and have a weighted effect size of +0.03. One cluster randomized study evaluated Carnegie Learning’s blended solution with two separate cohorts of students in 73 high schools across 7 states with over 13,000 students. In comparison to students in schools following a traditional Algebra I curriculum, students in schools using Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution scored higher on the Algebra Proficiency Exam (effect size = +0.07). Results for the second cohort were significantly positive (effect size = +0.22), qualifying this blended curriculum for the ESSA “Strong” category.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staffing requirements.

Professional Development/Training

The amount of training and professional development teachers received varied widely during RAND Corporation’s large-scale effectiveness study (Pane et al., 2014). At minimum, teachers were expected to receive three days of initial training. In addition to initial training, Carnegie Learning recommends four or more days per teacher of in-classroom support and instructional coaching in at least the first two years of implementation.


MATHia, the technology component of Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution, is a web technology that runs on desktop/laptop computers as well as Chromebooks and iPad, Android, and Windows tablets.