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Burst Reading

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Program Description

Burst: Reading provides struggling readers with a series of 10-lesson units focused on skills students need at that time, based on formative assessments given three times each year. The units are delivered to groups of 3-5 students by teachers or “interventionists,” who may be paraprofessionals. The lessons use a direct instruction approach, followed by progress monitoring and assessment.

Program Outcomes

One study evaluated Burst: Reading with students in grades in K-3 in 57 schools across multiple states. Positive effects compared to the control group were found on DIBELS Next and STAR Early Literacy measures (effect size = +0.10). Results were not significant at the level of randomization (school) but were significant at the student level, qualifying Burst for the ESSA “Promising” category.

Staffing Requirements

The minimum qualifications of instructors are that they must be paraprofessionals.

Professional Development/Training

One-day, on-site session prior to implementation and one to two fidelity monitoring sessions during the course of the year.


Burst:Reading is designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android touch-screen devices, using Chrome™ and Safari® Web browsers.