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Program Description

ASSISTments is an online homework tool coupled with teacher training, providing students with math assistance and teachers with assessments of student progress. There are two types of ASSISTment content – the first is linked to existing textbook homework problems and provides teachers the flexibility to assign suitable problem sets and the second is intended for mastery-oriented skill practice. In its successful evaluation, the intervention included professional development and coaching designed to increase teachers’ readiness and efficacy in using ASSISTments.

Program Outcomes

One cluster randomized study evaluated ASSISTments in 43 schools across Maine, a state that provides every seventh-grade student with a laptop to take home. In comparison to a control group in schools assigned to continue with existing homework practices, seventh grade students  in schools assigned to receive ASSISTments for math homework scored significantly higher on the TerraNova mathematics test, qualifying ASSISTments for the ESSA “Strong” category.

Professional Development/Training

5 days of professional development, in addition to three in-person or remote coaching visits


The ASSISTments technology is a web-based platform available at no cost to schools, however students need computer access at home.