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Acuity — Math

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Program Description

Acuity is a benchmark assessment given to students three times a year to predict their performance on state assessments, so that teachers and other school staff can intervene early at the student, class, or school level to improve any deficiencies. Acuity automatically assigns instructional resources to students based on skill mastery level, with the goal of both saving time and providing students with the targeted instruction they need. Acuity is adapted to correlate with the topics tested in the states in which it is used.

Program Outcomes

Two studies, both in Indiana, evaluated outcomes on the Indiana state test, ISTEP+. One study found a statistically significant positive effect in math in comparison to controls, with an effect size of +0.19. According to ESSA standards, this qualifies Acuity for the ESSA “Strong” category. However, the second, larger study found no differences (effect size = +0.04), and the weighted average effect size was only +0.09.